We believe products should
be locally sourced free from
chemicals and pesticides

Sustainable and Organic

The way we make, source our products, package our products and manage our small business guided by the lens of sustainability and regenertive.


We oversee each step of the process of our herbals topicals from herb infusion and all our products to working with farms and small businesses that have our same process that are certified naturally grown.


We’re based in Williams, California and our Company is run by our owner, Mariela Franco, a Mexican American woman of color. LATINA OWNED AND OPERATED


“This is the first time I’ve purchased the Herbal Spray. The very first time I used it I had a wonderful response. The discomfort in my hip eased within ten minutes. The next time I used it I paired it with the Herbal Salve. Wow wow wow those two used together are amazing. Not only did the pain disappeared but I had relief for a good 24 hours.”


I HAD a “bald spot” where I did my side part on hair and it started to really bothering me. I bought this product when I had seen Marielas (the owner/maker) results on how much her hair grew out and I immediately ordered it. The area where I rubbed the oil the most has a TON of baby hairs now…it’s so much that they stick out and it looks like I cut a chunk off :D so many little baby hairs. I’m extremely happy with the results. I was honestly shocked at how quick it worked too. Good Job Mariel


Best investment. Along with the arnica salve! My back was hurting and this helped so much.